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You've Never Had it so Good!

A nostalgic look back at society, culture, news, and music from the wonderful golden decade that was the 1950’s. Do you remember white £5 notes, rationing, trams, the festival of Britain, smog, and the third man film? If so, then this is the talk to bring back so many memories! 

If you are too young to remember British Pathe News, Muffin the Mule, Ford Anglia cars or the wooden tops, then this very popular talk will explain much more about British society and how it changed so much in this decade. It will also explain how even to this day, the changes that took place in the 1950’s still have a very big impact on Britain today. 

Was this really a decade where life for ordinary people improved? Did people have better housing, health, and more money than they had ever had before? Was life really that much better than only a decade before? Finally, be prepared to roll back the carpets and be ready to dance to the music of this Golden era!


Prices and Details

Region: Anywhere

Notice Period: Emergency (Maybe less than a week's notice)

Fee: £50 as a virtual talk and from £90 in person (plus travel expenses)

If you're interested and would like to hear more about this talk, prices, and availability, please use the contact details below and we would love to hear from you.

To book or to discuss this talk with us further, you can email us on or


Alternatively, you can ring us on 07548915284.

You will receive a response to your enquiry and quote within 1-4 business working days. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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