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Britain in the 1940s

Britain in the 1940s is a unique presentation as it focuses on the lives of ordinary British people during the 2nd World War. Talks about this decade often focus on the military campaigns and events that determined the outcome of the war.


This talk examines the lives of ordinary people in Britain and their daily struggle for survival during the 1940s. Paul's presentation examines how people reacted to the blitz, the evacuation of mothers and children from their homes, years of rationing and the dark years of uncertainty.


Paul Robbins explains how even entertainment, popular culture and the news we read or heard, were shaped by the desperate fight for survival. Take a glimpse back to the era of Anderson shelters, sweet rations and the bombing of our Towns and Cities. At the same time enjoy some of the wonderful movies of the era and how there was a hidden and subtle message in many of them.


Moving, informative and entertaining was how this talk was recently described. Britain in the 1940s is one of a series of talks presented by Paul Robbins in his "Step Back in Time" programme of memorable presentations.


Prices and Details

Region: Anywhere

Notice Period: Emergency (Maybe less than a week's notice)

Fee: £50 as a virtual talk and from £90 in person (plus travel expenses)

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