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The Clash of the Titans: The Battle of Jutland

This fascinating presentation tells the story of the greatest Naval Battle of the First World War, where Britain could easily have lost the entire war in the space of an afternoon. The Royal Navy, the largest and most powerful in the world, was seriously challenged for the first time since the Battle of Trafalgar by the young and powerful German High Seas fleet.


Admiral Jellicoe, the Royal Navy's commander during the battle had the weight of knowing that a wrong decision on his part could have doomed Britain to defeat in the space of a few hours placed upon him. 

One hundred years on from Jutland, the debate about which side, if any, won the battle continues. Certainly, the Royal Navy lost more ships and men, prompting Admiral Beatty to say "There seems to be something wrong with our Bloody ships today." Equally, it was the German High Seas fleet that fled the battle, never to seriously challenge the might of the Royal Navy again who remained masters of the Seas.


A fully illustrated, compelling and informative presentation about a crucial event in British History.


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