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Jack the Ripper the Whitechapel Murderer

Paul returns to the East End of his childhood to talk about the World’s greatest “criminal who done it” in history. In doing so, he paints a vivid and moving picture of the East End of London in the late summer and autumn of 1888 as he reviews the crimes, the main suspects, and offers his own suggestion as to the identity of the Whitechapel murderer AKA Jack the Ripper. 

In examining the case, Paul discounts many of the names put forward as to who the Ripper was and asks the question of whether there was an establishment cover-up to shield the Ripper from justice. 

The talk paints a picture of the East End in the late nineteenth century as it was and the daily struggle for life that drove the Ripper’s victims into a life of Prostitution and draws on the childhood memories of someone who after 45 years away from the area still regards the East End as his home.


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