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Britain in the 1970s

This highly popular talk, which is an addition to the series of presentations Paul Robbins has written about life in 20th Century Britain, looks at the news, culture, sport, fashion, people, music, and changes to society that took place in this incredible decade.

Events that occurred during the years from 1970 through to 1979 helped shape the country that Britain subsequently became.

If you were born during this era or lived through it, then this talk will remind you of some of the great events of the period including the time when Britain and the world held their breath as Apollo 13 struggled to get back to Earth, decimalisation, the 3-day week, the long and seemingly endless hot Summer of 1976, trimphones, video recorders and Ford Capris. 

Listen again to the wonderful music from Saturday Night Fever and remind yourself of the glam rockers who dominated music in the mid-1970s! Do you remember dancing to the Hustle?

This talk reminds audiences of what a unique decade this was to live and work in!


Prices and Details

Region: Anywhere

Notice Period: Emergency (Maybe less than a week's notice)

Fee: £50 as a virtual talk and from £90 in person (plus travel expenses)

If you're interested and would like to hear more about this talk, prices, and availability, please use the contact details below and we would love to hear from you.

To book or to discuss this talk with us further, you can email us on or


Alternatively, you can ring us on 07548915284.

You will receive a response to your enquiry and quote within 1-4 business working days. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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